“十二平方精酿 12SQM Brewing” 起源于一个仅有十二平方米的微型精酿啤酒工坊. Starting with a microbrewery only 12 square meters.



Welcome to our microbrewery, where we’re dedicated to offering top-quality, authentic craft beer at affordable prices. We carefully select the finest imported and local ingredients to ensure each brew delivers a premium experience for you. Our passion for craft beer shines through in every sip, and we hope it brings you joy. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our limited production volume and carefully curated selection of beer styles on tap. Please note that from brewing to enjoying, it takes a minimum of 3 weeks, but sometimes even longer, to ensure the perfect brew.

A quote brought back from a tour of a famous brewery that matches our way of thinking:
” The time does not respect what is made without him”

干杯! Cheers!

十二平方精酿 12SQM Brewing

Master Brewer: Raphael
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跃跃欲试比利时白IPA Sichuan Pepper Session White IPA


(ABV 5.4%, IBU 45) 

这是一款独特的带有淡淡花椒风味的啤酒,这款手工酿造的口味和风格非常平衡。是一款带着中国风味的比利时白IPA,也很适合中国当地的菜肴。 Sichuan Pepper Session White IPA (ABV 5.4%, IBU 45) 

A Belgian-style session IPA with a twist. A great and unique beer that balances perfectly taste and style in this special brew. This is not a spicy beer! The precise addition of Sichuan pepper brings freshness and character. Perfect summertime beer. Pairs well with Chinese cuisine. 

SPEC:33cl bottle / 20L keg

芒果赛松Mango Saison

GO-GO Mango 芒果赛松 

(ABV 5.5%, IBU 35) 

比利时传统风味赛松,金黄色酒体和清爽口感,选用果香丰富的银河酒花与芒果增味,带入了层次丰富的水果风味。GO-GO Mango / Mango Saison(ABV 5.5%, IBU 35) Blond and refreshing traditional Belgian Saison. We selected hops to pair with the mango and push the fruity aroma in the beer. No added fruit juice. SPEC:33cl bottle / 20L keg

血橙农舍/赛松恶魔Blood Orange Farmhouse DEVIL

血橙农舍赛松/恶魔(ABV 6%, IBU 18) Farmhouse/Saison是比利格的酿造工艺。

12平方酿造的农舍赛松, 酒精度达到6%ABV。呈现一种亮丽的古铜色以及它和血橙的微妙组合,加上焦糖麦芽,使苦度更平衡,给人一种圆润的口感。 Blood Orange Farmhouse / DEVIL(ABV 6%, IBU 18) Farmhouse / Saison is a traditional style of beer from Belgium.

Our farmhouse is quite strong at 6% ABV and not sour. It is well-bodied and lightly flavored with Blood Orange. The specialty malts bring balance and body to this elegant beer. 

SPEC:33cl bottle / 20L keg

The Trap is There 迷酿修道院比利时双料

The Trap is There 比利时双料 (ABV 7.8%, IBU 20) 


Belgian Double. Almost like a dream come true. Our first commercial beer brewed with dark candi sugar. The mouthfeel and aromas confer to this beer all the characteristics of a Belgian Abbey Beer. The specialty malts selection gives its copper/ruby color.

SPEC: 33cl Bottle / 20L Keg